Nursing Week 2022

Rooted in Strength


Lippincott Bingo

Lippincott Bingo/Scavenger Hunt

Instructions: Use Lippincott Procedures & Advisor to find the answers below. Once you have filled the entire
card, email to or drop off at MOB 105. At the end of the week, all
employees who completed a BINGO card correctly will be entered in a gift card raffle!

Finalists for 2022 Nursing Excellence Awards

2022 Friend of Nursing award

Donna Lewis (Health Unit Coordinator, Emergency Department
Shelley Payne (Patient Experience Coordinator)

2022 Friend of Nursing Interdisciplinary award

Sarah Link (Home Health Therapy Lead)
Jeffrey Lum (Physical Therapist)
Emmy Paradise (Occupational Therapist)

2022 Friend of Nursing Provider Collaboration award

Dr. Christopher Bunn, DO (Physician, Cardiology)
Dr. Christopher Heck, MD (Physician, Palliative Care)
Vonda Johnson, NP (NP, Surgicalist)

2022 Nurse of the Year

Bethany Hoy (RN, Outpatient Surgery)
Alva Ibarra (LPN, Skilled Nursing)
Carol Showalter (RN, Hospice)

2022 Nurse Leader of the Year

Allyson Dalton (RN, Medical)
Erika Grant (Director of Throughput)
Dylan May (RN, Emergency Department)
Myrinda Zerrlaut (RN, Float Pool)

2022 Support Staff Member of the Year

Jenna McCormack (CNA, Rehab)
Jacob Turner (PCT, Medical)
Susan Williams (CNA, Hospice)

Clinical Ladder


Anne Ayecock
Carolyn Balkey
Ashley Brucia
Shannon Burke
Susanna Carter
Sunny Cline
Gail Delaney
Becky Elphee
Wendy Gibson
Katie Harding
Abby Honbarrier
Tatyana Hoover
Samantha Lipsomb
Anna Liskey
Charlotte Maiden
Dylan May
Tonya Meadows
Anna Mikolay
Olivia Moore
Ivan Napotnik
Tina Pitzer
Mikahla Puffenbarger
Matthew Russell
Sharon Shenk
Eric Stajduhar
Heather Staton


Legacy Nurses

50+ Years of Service

Gail S. Johnson

45+ Years of Service

Judy S. Langley
Joni L. Root
Joseph R. Root
Dorothy G. Shafer

35+ Years of Service

Donna O. Ashby
Tina S. Bartley
Terri L. Belcher
Brenda R. Bennett
Patricia W. East
Peggy C. Hill
Rosalind E. Holt
Teresa W. Hott
Susan S. Johnson
Janice Y. Kitts-Cook
Charlotte Maiden
Kimberly L. Nelson
Lugene G. Payne
Terry L. Price
Marvella R. Rea
Pamela S. Reeder
Carol M. Showalter
Valerie D. Stone
Janet C. Wilkinson

25+ Years of Service

Mariya G. Akopov
Pat Allen
Marsha A. Almarode
Stefanie M. Bartley
Deborah H. Battle
Beatrice F. Benson
Donna M. Berdeaux
Stephanie A. Bolt
Stephanie D. Brooks
Lori K. Davis
Julia E. Dickerson
Vera Dutt
Catherine M. Elder
Rodney H. Eshleman
Pamela M. Flint
Linda R. Freed
Kimberley W. Galloway
Roxanne C. Harris
Margaret A. Henry
Vicki L. Hottel
Rebecca A. Howdyshell
Gena W. Johnson
Sue H. Jones
Annette M. Kingston
Vicki R. Kirby
Kemper A. McCauley III
Michael L. McMillion
Tonya M. Meadows
Debra L. Miles
Rebecca C. Mohler
William J. Mooneyham Jr.
Kathleen K. Paccadolmi
Christine E. Parker
Holly J. Parker
Tina M. Pitzer
Judith M. Pollard
Renee G. Pullen
Janell M. Sauder
Jean B. Scott
Karen H. Shirley
Angeline E. Shull
Jacqueline M. Sims
Teresa A. Sims
Michelle W. Sprouse
Teresa H. Swisher
Vickie L. Taylor
Denise M. Temple
Erica M. Thomas

Hear from Our Nurses

“I am proud to work for an organization that takes pride in caring for members of the community, while also caring for our team! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Augusta Health has proven once again that our focus is on the wellbeing of our community.”

Bethany Mohler, RN, Clinical Coordinator Medical